Our Company

Blue Shift Inc. provides professional game development solutions.

For over a decade, Blue Shift Inc. has assisted publishers and developers with keeping their must-ship products on schedule and looking their best.

Specializing in tailored development support, Blue Shift Inc. provides teams and technologies configured to a client’s specific needs. From surgical optimization teams to full development responsibilities, Blue Shift Inc. has the flexibility, experience, and expertise to make sure your game hits the shelves when it needs to.

Blue Shift Inc. Provides:

Our History

In the summer of 1995, a group of six industry veterans shared a common concern: “Today’s video games simply aren’t as good as yesterday’s video games!” They decided to take matters into their own hands, and thus Blue Shift Inc. was founded.

In the years since, Blue Shift Inc. has nurtured a staff of talented artists, programmers and producers, who combined have experience on every major gaming platform in the last 10 years. We have developed several successful titles and in the process have strengthened our foundation in game design and technology.

While our years of experience creating hit products form the cornerstone of our past success, continued success in today’s game industry demands such fundamental values as creative vision, passionate dedication, and adaptability.

Blue Shift Inc. also recognizes that consumers’ expectations are continually growing, generating new demands on technical designs and the depth of the gameplay experience. We integrate these understandings into the way we work by fostering a collaborative work environment, where young talent and cagey veterans come together to share a common vision based upon both our solid core of collective knowledge and a constant influx of fresh ideas.

Our Leadership

John Brooks

Position: President
Experience: 15+ years as a video game technologist
Titles: 25+, including The Hunt for Red October, Rastan Saga, Comanche, The Rocketeer, NBA '94, and Madden '99
Highlight: Single handedly converted Rastan to the Apple II including design, art, audio, and programming

Doug Snyder

Position: Lead Programmer
Experience: 20+ years as a hardware and software programmer
Titles: 30+, including BattleZone, Millipede, Cyberball, Tetris, Paperboy, and HydroThunder
Highlight: Designed advanced graphics hardware for Atari's coin-op systems